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Saturday 10th December 2016

Boys & Sirs

Weekly meet for those into spanking / cp / punishment. Usual GL.

Doors: 2pm-7pm


Dresscode: Naked. Live Sexshow courtesy of AlphaMale at 12.30. Super sexy Sounds. Free bar shots. Hot gogos. And the biggest, sexiest men only naked crowd on the planet! Usual GL.

Doors: 10pm-4am


Dressy! Macho! Strict! The toughest dress code in the world. Leather, rubber, skin, uniform, industrial. Or just your boots and jocks. Hosted by Master Armin awww.thehoistbasements.com. Usual GL.

Doors: 10pm-4am

Sunday 11th December 2016

THE FINAL SBN (Stark Bollock Naked)

Sundays:The best day of the week. Our Party starts @ 2pm with SBN the largest naked party in Europe. Stark bollock naked - apart from foot wear. Usual GL.

Doors: 2pm-1am

THE FINAL NBN (Nearly Bollock Naked)

At 7pm we open the doors once more to continue the party NBN for the boys who like to wear thier boots or trainers with pants, jocks, shorts, underwear, or naked if you dare! Usual GL.

Doors: 7pm-1am

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